FCGI::Client::Connection(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation FCGI::Client::Connection(3pm)

FCGI::Client::Connection - connection to FastCGI server

This module handles connection to FastCGI server.

the socket object.
read only integer value, default is 10seconds.

$env is environment hash, same as CGI.$content is request body string. This method returns $stdout and $stderr strings.When error got, return undef. $appstatus is the status code of FastCGI server, this is one of the following code.
#define FCGI_CANT_MPX_CONN    1
#define FCGI_OVERLOADED       2
#define FCGI_UNKNOWN_ROLE     3

These constants defined at FCGI::Client::Constat.

FCGI_KEEP_CONN is not used by lighttpd's mod_fastcgi.c, and mod_fast_cgi for apache. And, FCGI.xs doesn't support it.

I seems FCGI_KEEP_CONN is not used in real world.

2023-07-25 perl v5.38.0