Uniqid(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Uniqid(3)

Data::Uniqid - Perl extension for simple genrating of unique id's

use Data::Uniqid qw ( suniqid uniqid luniqid );

$id = suniqid;
$id = uniqid;
$id = luniqid;

Data::Uniqid provides three simple routines for generating unique ids. These ids are coded with a Base62 systen to make them short and handy (e.g. to use it as part of a URL).

  genrates a very short id valid only for the localhost and with a 
  liftime of 1 day

  generates a short id valid on the local host 

  generates a long id valid everywhere and ever

Mike Wesemann, <mwx@gmx.de>

2021-05-24 perl v5.34.0