AnyEvent::Impl::Cocoa(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation AnyEvent::Impl::Cocoa(3)

AnyEvent::Impl::Cocoa - AnyEvent adaptor for Cocoa::EventLoop

use AnyEvent;
use Cocoa::EventLoop;

# do something

This module provides NSRunLoop support to AnyEvent.

NSRunLoop is an event loop for Cocoa applications, wrapped by Cocoa::EventLoop. By using this module, you can use Cocoa based API in your AnyEvent application, or AnyEvent within Cocoa applications.

It does not support blocking waits.

Right now, Cocoa::EventLoop (and this module) are in an early development phase and has some shortcomings and likely bugs.

For example, there seems to be no way to just handle a single event with Cocoa (is there nothing they can implement properly?), so this module currently wakes up at least ten times a second when waiting for events. Also, events caused by timers might get delayed by up to 0.1 seconds.

Daisuke Murase <>, Marc Lehmann <>.

Copyright (c) 2009 by KAYAC Inc.
Copyright (c) 2010,2011 by Marc Lehmann <>
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