Test::Alien::Build(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Test::Alien::Build(3)

Test::Alien::Build - Tools for testing Alien::Build + alienfile

version 2.80

use Test2::V0;
use Test::Alien::Build;

# returns an instance of Alien::Build.
my $build = alienfile_ok q{
  use alienfile;

  plugin 'My::Plugin' => (
    foo => 1,
    bar => 'string',

alien_build_ok 'builds okay.';


This module provides some tools for testing Alien::Build and alienfile. Outside of Alien::Build core development, It is probably most useful for Alien::Build::Plugin developers.

This module also unsets a number of Alien::Build specific environment variables, in order to make tests reproducible even when overrides are set in different environments. So if you want to test those variables in various states you should explicitly set them in your test script. These variables are unset if they defined: "ALIEN_BUILD_PRELOAD" "ALIEN_BUILD_POSTLOAD" "ALIEN_INSTALL_TYPE".

my $build = alienfile;
my $build = alienfile q{ use alienfile ... };
my $build = alienfile filename => 'alienfile';

Create a Alien::Build instance from the given alienfile. The first two forms are abbreviations.

my $build = alienfile;
# is the same as
my $build = alienfile filename => 'alienfile';


my $build = alienfile q{ use alienfile ... };
# is the same as
my $build = alienfile source => q{ use alienfile ... };

Except for the second abbreviated form sets the line number before feeding the source into Alien::Build so that you will get diagnostics with the correct line numbers.

The source for the alienfile as a string. You must specify one of "source" or "filename".
The filename for the alienfile. You must specify one of "source" or "filename".
The build root.
The staging area for the build.
The install prefix for the build.

my $build = alienfile_ok;
my $build = alienfile_ok q{ use alienfile ... };
my $build = alienfile_ok filename => 'alienfile';
my $build = alienfile_ok $build;

Same as "alienfile" above, except that it runs as a test, and will not throw an exception on failure (it will return undef instead).

[version 1.49]

As of version 1.49 you can also pass in an already formed instance of Alien::Build. This allows you to do something like this:

subtest 'a subtest' => sub {
  my $build = alienfile q{ use alienfile; ... };
  alienfile_skip_if_missing_prereqs; # skip if alienfile prereqs are missing
  alienfile_ok $build;  # delayed pass/fail for the compile of alienfile

alienfile_skip_if_missing_prereqs $phase;

Skips the test or subtest if the prereqs for the alienfile are missing. If $phase is not given, then either "share" or "system" will be detected.

alien_install_type_is $type;
alien_install_type_is $type, $name;

Simple test to see if the install type is what you expect. $type should be one of "system" or "share".

my $file = alien_download_ok;
my $file = alien_download_ok $name;

Makes a download attempt and test that a file or directory results. Returns the file or directory if successful. Returns "undef" otherwise.

my $dir = alien_extract_ok;
my $dir = alien_extract_ok $archive;
my $dir = alien_extract_ok $archive, $name;
my $dir = alien_extract_ok undef, $name;

Makes an extraction attempt and test that a directory results. Returns the directory if successful. Returns "undef" otherwise.

my $alien = alien_build_ok;
my $alien = alien_build_ok $name;
my $alien = alien_build_ok { class => $class };
my $alien = alien_build_ok { class => $class }, $name;

Runs the download and build stages. Passes if the build succeeds. Returns an instance of Alien::Base which can be passed into "alien_ok" from Test::Alien. Returns "undef" if the test fails.


The base class to use for your alien. This is Alien::Base by default. Should be a subclass of Alien::Base, or at least adhere to its API.


Removes all files with the current build, except for the runtime prefix. This helps test that the final install won't depend on the build files.


Runs "$build->clean_install", and verifies it did not crash.

alien_checkpoint_ok $test_name;

Test the checkpoint of a build.

alien_resume_ok $test_name;

Test a resume a checkpointed build.

alien_rc $code;

Creates "rc.pl" file in a temp directory and sets ALIEN_BUILD_RC. Useful for testing plugins that should be called from "~/.alienbuild/rc.pl". Note that because of the nature of how the "~/.alienbuild/rc.pl" file works, you can only use this once!

alien_subtest $test_name => sub {

Clear the build object and clear the build object before and after the subtest.

Author: Graham Ollis <plicease@cpan.org>


Diab Jerius (DJERIUS)

Roy Storey (KIWIROY)

Ilya Pavlov

David Mertens (run4flat)

Mark Nunberg (mordy, mnunberg)

Christian Walde (Mithaldu)

Brian Wightman (MidLifeXis)

Zaki Mughal (zmughal)

mohawk (mohawk2, ETJ)

Vikas N Kumar (vikasnkumar)

Flavio Poletti (polettix)

Salvador Fandiño (salva)

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