Alien::Build::Plugin::Test::Mock(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Build::Plugin::Test::Mock(3)

Alien::Build::Plugin::Test::Mock - Mock plugin for testing

version 2.80

use alienfile;
plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  probe    => 'share',
  download => 1,
  extract  => 1,
  build    => 1,
  gather   => 1,

This plugin is used for testing Alien::Build plugins. Usually you only want to test one or two phases in an alienfile for your plugin, but you still have to have a fully formed alienfile that contains all required phases. This plugin lets you fill in the other phases with the appropriate hooks. This is usually better than using real plugins which may pull in additional dynamic requirements that you do not want to rely on at test time.

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  probe => $probe,

Override the probe behavior by one of the following:

For a "share" build.
For a "system" build.
To throw an exception in the probe hook. This will usually cause Alien::Build to try the next probe hook, if available, or to assume a "share" install.

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  download => \%fs_spec,

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  download => 1,

Mock out a download. The %fs_spec is a hash where the hash values are directories and the string values are files. This a spec like this:

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  download => {
    'foo-1.00' => {
      'README.txt' => "something to read",
      'foo.c' => "#include <stdio.h>\n",
                 "int main() {\n",
                 "  printf(\"hello world\\n\");\n",

Would generate two files in the directory 'foo-1.00', a "README.txt" and a C file named "foo.c". The default, if you provide a true non-hash value is to generate a single tarball with the name "foo-1.00.tar.gz".

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  extract => \%fs_spec,

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  extract => 1,

Similar to "download" above, but for the "extract" phase.

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  build => [ \%fs_spec_build, \%fs_spec_install ],

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  build => 1,

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  gather => \%runtime_prop,

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  gather => 1,

This adds a gather hook (for both "share" and "system") that adds the given runtime properties, or if a true non-hash value is provided, some reasonable runtime properties for testing.

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  check_digest => 1,  # the default

This adds a check_digest hook that uses fake algorithm FAKE that hashes everything to "deadbeaf". The mock download above will set the digest for download_details so that this will pass the signature check.

plugin 'Test::Mock' => (
  check_digest => sub {
    my($build, $file, $algo, $digest) = @_;

If you give it a code reference then you can write your own faux digest. See the check_digest hook in Alien::Build::Manual::PluginAuthor for details.

Author: Graham Ollis <>


Diab Jerius (DJERIUS)

Roy Storey (KIWIROY)

Ilya Pavlov

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