Alien::Build::Plugin::Probe::Vcpkg(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Build::Plugin::Probe::Vcpkg(3)

Alien::Build::Plugin::Probe::Vcpkg - Probe for system libraries using Vcpkg

version 2.80

use alienfile;

plugin 'Probe::Vcpkg' => 'libffi';

This plugin probe can be used to find "system" packages using Microsoft's "Vcpkg" package manager for Visual C++ builds of Perl. "Vcpkg" is a package manager for Visual C++ that includes a number of open source packages. Although "Vcpkg" does also support Linux and macOS, this plugin does not support finding "Vcpkg" packages on those platforms. For more details on "Vcpkg", see the project github page here:

Here is the quick start guide for getting Alien::Build to work with "Vpkg":

# install Vcpkg
C:\> git clone
C:\> cd vcpkg
C:\vcpkg> .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat
C:\vcpkg> .\vcpkg integrate install

# update PATH to include the bin directory
# so that .DLL files can be found by Perl
C:\vcpkg> path c:\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\bin;%PATH%

# install the packages that you want
C:\vcpkg> .\vcpkg install libffi

# install the alien that uses it
C:\vcpkg> cpanm Alien::FFI

If you are using 32 bit build of Perl, then substitute "x86-windows" for "x64-windows". If you do not want to add the "bin" directory to the "PATH", then you can use "x64-windows-static" instead, which will provide static libraries. (As of this writing static libraries for 32 bit Windows are not available). The main downside to using "x64-windows-static" is that Aliens that require dynamic libraries for FFI will not be installable.

If you do not want to install "Vcpkg" user wide (the "integrate install" command above), then you can use the "PERL_WIN32_VCPKG_ROOT" environment variable instead:

# install Vcpkg
C:\> git clone
C:\> cd vcpkg
C:\vcpkg> .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat
C:\vcpkg> set PERL_WIN32_VCPKG_ROOT=c:\vcpkg

Specifies the name of the Vcpkg. This should not be used with the "lib" property below, choose only one.

This is the default property, so these two are equivalent:

plugin 'Probe::Vcpkg' => (name => 'foo');


plugin 'Probe::Vcpkg' => 'foo';

Specifies the list of libraries that make up the Vcpkg. This should not be used with the "name" property above, choose only one. Note that using this detection method, the version number of the package will not be automatically determined (since multiple packages could potentially make up the list of libraries), so you need to determine the version number another way if you need it.

This must be an array reference. Do not include the ".lib" extension.

plugin 'Probe::Vcpkg' => (lib => ['foo','bar']);

Specifies an alternate ffi_name for finding dynamic libraries.

Alien::Build, alienfile, Alien::Build::MM, Alien

Author: Graham Ollis <>


Diab Jerius (DJERIUS)

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