Alien::Build::Plugin::Build::Make(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Build::Plugin::Build::Make(3)

Alien::Build::Plugin::Build::Make - Make plugin for Alien::Build

version 2.83

use alienfile;
# For a recipe that requires GNU Make
plugin 'Build::Make' => 'gmake';

By default Alien::Build provides a helper for the "make" that is used by Perl and ExtUtils::MakeMaker itself. This is handy, because it is the one make that you can mostly guarantee that you will have. Unfortunately it may be a "make" that isn't supported by the library or tool that you are trying to alienize. This is mostly a problem on Windows, where the supported "make"s for years were Microsoft's "nmake" and Sun's "dmake", which many open source projects do not use. This plugin will alter the alienfile recipe to use a different "make". It may (as in the case of "gmake" / Alien::gmake) automatically download and install an alienized version of that "make" if it is not already installed.

This plugin should NOT be used with other plugins that replace the "make" helper, like Alien::Build::Plugin::Build::CMake, Alien::Build::Plugin::Build::Autoconf, Alien::Build::Plugin::Build::MSYS. This plugin is intended instead for projects that use vanilla makefiles of a specific type.

This plugin is for now distributed separately from Alien::Build, but the intention is for it to soon become a core plugin for Alien::Build.

The make type needed by the alienfile recipe:

Sun's dmake.
GNU Make.
Microsoft's nmake. It comes with Visual C++.
Any UNIX "make" Usually either BSD or GNU Make.


This plugin may change the make helper used by your alienfile recipe.

Author: Graham Ollis <>


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