pmSearchTextSuggest - search for suggestions of metric or instance names using PCP search services

#include <pcp/pmwebapi.h>

int pmSearchTextSuggest(pmSearchSettings *settings, pmSearchTextRequest *request, void *arg);

cc ... -lpcp_web

Executes full-text search for names of metrics or instances suitable for auto-completion, specified by request:

Query string that will be used to search.
Limits number of results. Defaults to 10.

Words with length less than 2 are omitted.

This search matches terms inside entity name that either have query prefix or are within Levenshtein distance of 1, with former having slightly higher priority than the latter.

Each entity matched by the request above will be passed to on_text_result callback provided by settings.

This function always returns zero on success. On failure a negative PMAPI error code is returned.

pmproxy(1), pmlogger(1), pmsearch(1), redis-server(1), pmSearchSetup(3), PMAPI(3) and PMWEBAPI(3).

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