pmSearchTextQuery - full-text search for metrics, instances and instance domains provided by PCP search services

#include <pcp/pmwebapi.h>

int pmSearchTextQuery(pmSearchSettings *settings, pmSearchTextRequest *request, void *arg);

cc ... -lpcp_web

Executes full-text search in name, oneline help, helptext (when available) as specified by request:

Query string that will be used to search.
Limits number of results. Defaults to 10.
Search offset. Defaults to 0.
Bit flags that limit query to only take into the account specific type of entities. Defaults to all.
Bit flags that specify whether or not to highlight matched terms in results. Defaults to none. Highlighted terms are wrapped with `<b>' and `</b>'.
Bit flags that allow limiting full-text search query matching only to specified fields. Defaults to all.
Bit flags for omitting specific fields from result. Defaults to all. Fields may be omitted either way if value of a field doesn't exist for a given record.

Each entity matched by the request above will be passed to on_text_result callback provided by settings.

This function always returns zero on success. On failure a negative PMAPI error code is returned.

pmproxy(1), pmlogger(1), pmsearch(1), redis-server(1), pmSearchSetup(3), PMAPI(3) and PMWEBAPI(3).

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