PMSEARCHINFO(3) Library Functions Manual PMSEARCHINFO(3)

pmSearchInfo - diagnostic metrics of PCP search services

#include <pcp/pmwebapi.h>

int pmSearchInfo(pmSearchSettings *settings, sds key, void *arg);

cc ... -lpcp_web

Diagnostic metrics related to the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) fast, scalable and full-text capable search services.

Currently, as all full-text related services are using single RediSearch index, diagnostic metrics are requestable by passing in key with a value of `text'. The results will passed to on_metrics callback provided by settings.

This function always returns zero on success. On failure a negative PMAPI error code is returned.

pmproxy(1), pmlogger(1), pmsearch(1), redis-server(1), pmSearchSetup(3), PMAPI(3) and PMWEBAPI(3).

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