PMINDOM_BUILD(3) Library Functions Manual PMINDOM_BUILD(3)

pmInDom_build, pmInDom_domain, pmInDom_serial - helper methods for manipulating instance domain identifiers

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

pmInDom pmInDom_build(unsigned int domain, unsigned int serial);
unsigned int pmInDom_domain(pmInDom indom);
unsigned int pmInDom_serial(pmInDom indom);

cc ... -lpcp

Within the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) each instance domain is assigned a unique Instance Domain Identifier (pmInDom). Internally a pmInDom is constructed from 2 fields: the domain number (of the associated Performance Metrics Domain Agent, or PMDA) and the serial number (assigned by the PMDA).

pmInDom_build constructs a pmInDom from domain and serial.

pmInDom_domain and pmInDom_serial return the respective fields from indom.

PMAPI(3) and pmInDomStr(3).

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