PMGETUSERNAME(3) Library Functions Manual PMGETUSERNAME(3)

pmGetUsername - fetch special PCP username

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

int pmGetUsername(char **username);

cc ... -lpcp

Within the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) some applications use a special (non-root) username to allow access, e.g. to write log files into protected directories.

pmGetUsername returns the name via username.

The variable name PCP_USER is fetched using pmGetOptionalConfig(3). If this succeeds, pmGetUsername returns 1. Otherwise. username is set to the default value of pcp and pmGetUsername returns 0.

pmGetUsername is most often used in conjunction with pmSetProcessIdentity(3) at process start up.

PMAPI(3), pmGetOptionalConfig(3) and pmSetProcessIdentity(3).

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