pmFreeLabelSets - release storage allocated for performance metric labels

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

void pmFreeLabelSets(pmLabelSet *sets, int nsets);

cc ... -lpcp

The array of label sets returned by pmLookupLabels(3) and related APIs are allocated below the Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface (PMAPI) using a variety of calls to the system's dynamic memory allocation (i.e. malloc(3)) interfaces.

Applications should call pmFreeLabelSets to release the storage previously allocated for the label sets array when access to the structure is no longer needed. The return value from pmLookupLabels indicates the number of elements in the label sets array, and this should be passed in using the nsets parameter.

Under no circumstances should an application use free(labelset) to release storage previously allocated for a pmLabelSet by pmLookupLabels(3) or related APIs.

To simplify error handling, if sets is NULL then pmFreeLabelSets simply returns without freeing any storage.

malloc(3), PMAPI(3) and pmLookupLabels(3).

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