ostree-summary - Regenerate or view the summary metadata file

ostree summary [--gpg-sign=KEYID] [--gpg-homedir=HOMEDIR] [--sign=KEYID] [--sign-type=ENGINE] {--update} [--add-metadata=KEY=VALUE...]

ostree summary {--view | --raw}

The summary file is an optional higher level form of repository metadata that describes the available branches. It needs to be manually regenerated after a series of commits. Among other things, this allows atomically updating multiple commits.


Update the summary file. This option can be combined with --add-metadata to add metadata fields to the summary.

If the repository has a collection ID configured, the ostree-metadata branch for that collection ID will also be updated with a new commit containing the given metadata, which will be signed if the summary file is signed.


Specify an additional metadata field to add to the summary. It must be in the format KEY=VALUE or as two separate arguments. The keys must be namespaced for your organisation or repository using a dot prefix. The values must be in GVariant text format. For example, exampleos.end-of-life "@t 1445385600". This option can be used multiple times.


View the contents of the summary file in a human readable format.


View the raw bytes of the summary file.


GPG Key ID to sign the summary with.


GPG Homedir to use when looking for keyrings.


Use particular signature engine. Currently available ed25519 and dummy signature types. The default is ed25519.


There KEY-ID is:

for ed25519:

base64-encoded secret key for commit signing.

for dummy:

ASCII-string used as secret key.

$ ostree summary -u

$ ostree summary -u -m key="'value'"

$ ostree summary -v

* ostree/1/1/0
    Latest Commit (4.2 MB):
    Timestamp (ostree.commit.timestamp): 2017-11-21T01:41:10-08
    Version (ostree.commit.version): 1.2.3
Last-Modified (ostree.summary.last-modified): 2018-01-12T22:06:38-08