OSTREE SHOW(1) ostree show OSTREE SHOW(1)

ostree-show - Output a metadata object

ostree show [OPTIONS...] {OBJECT}

Given an object, shows the metadata for that object. For a particular revision, it will show the data for the most recent commit to that revision.


Show the "related" commits.


Memory map OBJECT (in this case a filename) to the GVariant type string.


List the available metadata keys.


Print string value of metadata key.


List the available detached metadata keys.


Print string value of detached metadata key.


Show the commit size metadata. This in only supported for commits that contain ostree.sizes metadata. This can be included when creating commits with ostree commit --generate-sizes.


Show raw variant data.


GPG home directory to use when looking for keyrings (if have GPGME - GNU Privacy Guard Made Easy).

$ ostree show my-branch

        commit 67e382b11d213a402a5313e61cbc69dfd5ab93cb07
        Date:  2014-06-12 13:42:54 +0000