OSTREE DIFF(1) ostree diff OSTREE DIFF(1)

ostree-diff - Compare a directory against a revision

ostree diff [OPTIONS...] {REV_OR_DIR} {REV_OR_DIR}

Compare a directory or revision against another directory or revision. If REV_OR_DIR starts with `/` or `./`, it is interpreted as a directory, otherwise a revision. Shows files and directories modified, added, and deleted. If there is a file in the second REV_OR_DIR not in the first, it will show with an "A" for "added". If a file in the first REV_OR_DIR is not in the second, it shows "D" for "deleted". "M" for "modified" will also show.


Print various statistics.


Print filesystem diff.


Use file ownership user id for local files.


Use file ownership group id for local files.

$ ostree diff my-branch^ my-branch

        A   /testdirectory
        M   /helloworld.txt

$ ostree diff my-branch my-branch^

        D   /testdirectory
        M   /helloworld.txt