OSTREE ADMIN INIT-F(1) ostree admin init-fs OSTREE ADMIN INIT-F(1)

ostree-admin-init-fs - Initialize a new root filesystem

ostree admin init-fs [OPTIONS...] {PATH}

Initialize an empty physical root filesystem in the designated PATH, with normal toplevels and correct permissions for each directory. Primarily useful for operating system installers.


Equivalent to --epoch=1.


This accepts an integer value in the range [0-1], inclusive. The default is zero for compatibility.

When set to 1, the command will skip adding a number of toplevel "API filesystems" such as /proc to the toplevel of the physical root. These should be unnecessary, as they should only be mounted in the final deployment root. The main exception is /boot, which may need to be mounted in some setups before the target root.

Epoch 2 is the same as 1, except that the toplevel ostree directory is mode 0700, denying access from unprivileged code. This is a new recommended best practice as it avoids access to old configuration files in /etc in previous deployments, as well as potentially old setuid binaries in /ostree/repo.

$ mkdir /example

$ ostree admin init-fs --epoch=1 /example

$ ls /example