opensc-notify - monitor smart card events and send notifications

opensc-notify [OPTIONS]

The opensc-notify utility is used to monitor smart card events and send the appropriate notification.

--help, -h

Print help and exit.

--version, -V

Print version and exit.

Send customized notifications.

--title [STRING], -t [STRING]

Specify the title of the notification.

--message [STRING], -m [STRING]

Specify the main text of the notification.

Manually send standard notifications.

--notify-card-inserted, -I

See notify_card_inserted in opensc.conf (default=off).

--notify-card-removed, -R

See notify_card_removed in opensc.conf (default=off).

--notify-pin-good, -G

See notify_pin_good in opensc.conf (default=off).

--notify-pin-bad, -B

See notify_pin_bad in opensc.conf (default=off).

opensc-notify was written by Frank Morgner <>.

04/05/2024 opensc