OPENRCT2-CLI(6) Games Manual OPENRCT2-CLI(6)

openrct2-cliHeadless server mode for OpenRCT2

openrct2-cli [-h | --help] [-v | --version] [--verbose]

openrct2-cli host uri [--address address] [--port port] [--password password]

OpenRCT2 supports a headless mode where the game will run as a console application with no UI. This is useful for running dedicated game servers.

Several objects are available in OpenRCT2's scripting interface that can be modified from its CLI:

cheats Enable/disable various cheats

climate Modify the climate and weather

console Options for interacting with the stdout console

context Core API for use by plugins

date Getting or setting the in-game date

map Manipulation of the map

network Management of the server or interacting with clients

park APIs for the park and its management

scenario Information about the current scenario

titleSequenceManager Create and edit title sequences (only available to clients that are not running in headless mode)

ui APIs for controlling the user interface (only available to clients that are not running in headless mode)

For further information about OpenRCT2, its options and capabilities, please refer to the openrct2(6) manpage.

Print a summary of all options to stdout and exit.
Show version information and exit.
Do not install scenario if passed.
Show help for all commands.
Show information about openrct2-cli.
Print diagnostic information to stdout.
Port to use for hosting or joining a server; if not specified, the default port of 11753 will be used.
Address to bind to when hosting a server.
Password needed to join the server.
Path to the user data directory (containing config.ini)
Path to the OpenRCT2 data directory (containing languages)
Path to the RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 data directory (containing data/csg1.dat)
Path to the RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 data directory (containing data/g1.dat)

With multiplayer, you might run into some bugs that do not occur in single player mode. If that happens, please report it on GitHub if the issue hasn't been reported already, and please say if the bug only occurs on multiplayer games.

In order for the server to successfully accept clients, the port must be open for the server's own firewall and any router's firewall the computer is behind. Additionally if the server is behind a router with NAT enabled, the router must be configured to have the port forwarded to the server's local address.

openrct2-cli host ./my_park.sv6 --port 11753
Run a headless server for a saved park.
$ network.players[1].group = 0
From the CLI for a multiplayer server, set the first user to join as an admin
$ cheats["disableAllBreakdowns"] = true
From the CLI, enable the cheat to disable all ride breakdowns


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