Open RTE MCA File Management (SStore) Framework - Overview of Open RTE's SStore framework, and selected modules. Open MPI 4.1.4

SStore is a utility framework used by OpenRTE for a variety of purposes, including the transport of checkpoint files, preloading user binaries, and preloading of user files.

The following MCA parameters apply to all components:

Set the verbosity level for all components. Default is 0, or silent except on error.

The central component implements a fully centralized stable storage mechanism that requires a shared storage medium (e.g., NFS).

The central component has the following MCA parameters:

The component's priority to use when selecting the most appropriate component for a run.
Set the verbosity level for this component. Default is 0, or silent except on error.

orte-checkpoint(1), orte-restart(1), opal-checkpoint(1), opal-restart(1), orte_snapc(7), opal_crs(7)

May 26, 2022 4.1.4