XmTabCreate(library call) XmTabCreate(library call)

XmTabCreate — A convenience function that creates a tab stop

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
XmTab XmTabCreate(
float value,
unsigned char units,
XmOffsetModel offset_model,
unsigned char alignment,
char *decimal);

XmTabCreate creates a tab stop at a position defined by the value and units arguments.

Specifies the floating point value to be used in conjunction with units to calculate the location of the tab stop. Note that negative values are not permitted.
Specifies the unit type (for example, XmMILLIMETERS) to be used in conjunction with value to calculate the location of the tab stop. You can specify any unit described by the XmConvertUnits reference page. For resources of type, dimension, or position, you can specify units as described in the XmNunitType resource of the XmGadget, XmManager, or XmPrimitive reference page.
Specifies whether the tab value represents an absolute position or a relative offset from the previous tab. Valid values are XmABSOLUTE and XmRELATIVE.
Specifies how the text should be aligned relative to this tab stop. Valid values are XmALIGNMENT_BEGINNING.
Specifies the multibyte character in the current language environment to be used as the decimal point for a decimal aligned tab stop. This is currently unused.

Returns a newly allocated XmTab. The application is responsible for managing this allocated space. The application can recover this allocated space by calling XmTabFree.

XmTab(3) and XmTabFree(3).