XmStringGetLtoR(library call) XmStringGetLtoR(library call)

XmStringGetLtoR — A compound string function that searches for a text segment in the input compound string

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
Boolean XmStringGetLtoR(
XmString string,
XmStringCharSet tag,
char **text);

This function is obsolete and exists for compatibility with previous releases. It is replaced by XmStringUnparse. XmStringGetLtoR returns the first text component in the input compound string that is tagged with the given tag component. The returned text is to be a NULL-terminated sequence of single byte characters. If the function returns True, the function will allocate space to hold the returned text. The application is responsible for managing the allocated space. The application can recover the allocated space by calling XtFree.

Specifies the compound string.
Specifies the font list element tag associated with the text. A value of XmFONTLIST_DEFAULT_TAG identifies a locale text segment.
Specifies a pointer to a NULL terminated string.

Returns True if the matching text segment can be found. On return, text will have a NULL terminated byte sequence containing the matched segment.