XmStringDirectionToDirection(library call) XmStringDirectionToDirection(library call)

XmStringDirectionToDirection — A function that converts from XmStringDirection to XmDirection

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
XmDirection XmStringDirectionToDirection(
XmStringDirection direction);

XmStringDirectionToDirection converts the specified XmStringDirection direction value to its equivalent XmDirection value. This function provides backward compatibility with the XmStringDirection data type.

Specifies the XmStringDirection value to be converted.

Returns the following XmDirection values:

If the direction argument is XmSTRING_DIRECTION_L_TO_R.
If the direction argument is XmSTRING_DIRECTION_R_TO_L.
If the direction argument was not either of the above.

XmStringDirection(3) and XmDirection(3).