XmScrollBarGetValues(library call) XmScrollBarGetValues(library call)

XmScrollBarGetValues — A ScrollBar function that returns the ScrollBar's increment values

#include <Xm/ScrollBar.h>
void XmScrollBarGetValues (widget, value_return, slider_size_return,
increment_return, page_increment_return)
        Widget  widget;
        int     * value_return;
        int     * slider_size_return;
        int     * increment_return;
        int     * page_increment_return;

XmScrollBarGetValues returns the the ScrollBar's increment values. The scroll region is overlaid with a slider bar that is adjusted in size and position using the main ScrollBar or set slider function attributes.

Specifies the ScrollBar widget ID.
Returns the ScrollBar's slider position between the XmNminimum and XmNmaximum resources. Specify NULL to prevent the return of a particular value.
Returns the size of the slider as a value between 0 (zero) and the absolute value of XmNmaximum minus XmNminimum. The size of the slider varies, depending on how much of the slider scroll area it represents.
Returns the amount of increment and decrement.
Returns the amount of page increment and decrement.

For a complete definition of ScrollBar and its associated resources, see XmScrollBar(3).

Returns the ScrollBar's increment values.