XmRepTypeValidValue(library call) XmRepTypeValidValue(library call)

XmRepTypeValidValue — A representation type manager function that tests the validity of a numerical value of a representation type resource

#include <Xm/RepType.h>
Boolean XmRepTypeValidValue(
XmRepTypeId rep_type_id,
unsigned char test_value,
Widget enable_default_warning);

XmRepTypeValidValue tests the validity of a numerical value for a given representation type resource. The function generates a default warning message if the value is invalid and the enable_default_warning argument is non-NULL.

Specifies the identification number of the representation type.
Specifies the numerical value to test.
Specifies the ID of the widget that contains a default warning message. If this parameter is NULL, no default warning message is generated and the application must provide its own error handling.

Returns True if the specified value is valid; otherwise, returns False.

XmRepTypeGetId(3) and XmRepTypeRegister(3).