XmRenderTableRemoveRenditions(library call) XmRenderTableRemoveRenditions(library call)

XmRenderTableRemoveRenditions — A convenience function that removes renditions

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
XmRenderTable XmRenderTableRemoveRenditions(
XmRenderTable oldtable,
XmStringTag *tags,
int tag_count);

XmRenderTableRemoveRenditions removes from oldtable the renditions whose tags match the tags specified in tags, then places the remaining renditions in a newly created render table.

Specifies the render table from which renditions are to be removed. This function deallocates the original render table and the matching renditions after extracting the required information.
Specifies an array of tags, whose corresponding renditions are to be removed from oldtable.
Specifies the number of tags in tags.

If oldtable or tags is NULL, or tag_count is 0 (zero), or no renditions are removed from oldtable, this function returns oldtable. Otherwise, it returns a newly allocated XmRenderTable. The application is responsible for managing this allocated render table. The application can recover this allocated space by calling XmRenderTableFree.

XmRendition(3) and XmRenderTableFree(3).