XmRenderTableGetRendition(library call) XmRenderTableGetRendition(library call)

XmRenderTableGetRendition — A convenience function that matches a rendition tag

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
XmRendition XmRenderTableGetRendition(
XmRenderTable table,
XmStringTag tag);

XmRenderTableGetRendition searches table and returns a copy of the rendition whose XmNtag resource matches tag. If no rendition matches, then NULL is returned. This function is to be used for just one rendition match.

It is the responsibility of the caller to free the returned rendition with the XmRenditionFree function.

Specifies the table containing renditions to be searched.
Specifies the tag to search for.

Returns NULL if there is no match; otherwise, this function returns a new XmRendition.

XmRenderTableGetRenditions(3), XmRenderTableGetTags(3), and XmRendition(3).