XmRemoveWMProtocolCallback(library call) XmRemoveWMProtocolCallback(library call)

XmRemoveWMProtocolCallback — A VendorShell convenience interface that removes a callback from the internal list

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
#include <Xm/Protocols.h>
void XmRemoveWMProtocolCallback(
Widget shell,
Atom protocol,
XtCallbackProc callback,
XtPointer closure);

XmRemoveWMProtocolCallback is a convenience interface. It calls XmRemoveProtocolCallback with the property value set to the atom returned by interning WM_PROTOCOLS.

Specifies the widget with which the protocol property is associated
Specifies the protocol atom
Specifies the procedure to call when a protocol message is received
Specifies the client data to be passed to the callback when it is invoked

For a complete definition of VendorShell and its associated resources, see VendorShell(3).

VendorShell(3), XmAddWMProtocolCallback(3), XmInternAtom(3), and XmRemoveProtocolCallback(3).