XmListReplaceItemsPosUnselected(library call) XmListReplaceItemsPosUnselected(library call)

XmListReplaceItemsPosUnselected — A List function that replaces items in a list without selecting the replacement items

#include <Xm/List.h>
void XmListReplaceItemsPosUnselected(
Widget widget,
XmString *new_items,
int item_count,
int position);

XmListReplaceItemsPosUnselected replaces the specified number of items in the list with new items, starting at the given position. The replacement items remain unselected, even if they currently appear in the XmNselectedItems list.

Specifies the ID of the List widget to replace items in.
Specifies a pointer to the replacement items.
Specifies the number of elements in new_items and the number of items in the list to replace. This number must be nonnegative.
Specifies the position of the first item in the list to be replaced. A value of 1 indicates that the first item replaced is the first item in the list; a value of 2 indicates that it is the second item; and so on.
Beginning with the item specified in position, item_count items in the list are replaced with the corresponding elements from new_items. That is, the item at position is replaced with the first element of new_items; the item after position is replaced with the second element of new_items; and so on, until item_count is reached.

For a complete definition of List and its associated resources, see XmList(3).