XmListGetSelectedPos(library call) XmListGetSelectedPos(library call)

XmListGetSelectedPos — A List function that returns the position of every selected item in the list

#include <Xm/List.h>
Boolean XmListGetSelectedPos(
Widget widget,
int **position_list,
int *position_count);

This routine is obsolete. It is replaced by calling XtGetValues for the List resources XmNselectedPositions and XmNselectedPositionCount. XmListGetSelectedPos is a Boolean function that returns an array of the positions of the selected items in a List.

Specifies the ID of the List widget.
Returns an array of the positions of the selected items in the List. The position of the first item in the list is 1; the position of the second item is 2; and so on. When the return value is True, XmListGetSelectedPos allocates memory for this array. The caller is responsible for freeing this memory. The caller can recover the allocated memory by calling XtFree.
Returns the number of elements in the position_list.

For a complete definition of List and its associated resources, see XmList(3).

Returns True if the list has any selected items, and False if it does not.