XmImGetXIM(library call) XmImGetXIM(library call)

XmImGetXIM — An input manager function that retrieves the input method associated with a specified widget

#include <Xm/XmIm.h>
Widget widget);

XmImGetXIM retrieves the XIM data structure representing the input method that the input manager has opened for the specified widget. If an input method has not been opened by a previous call to XmImRegister, the first time this routine is called it opens an input method using the XmNinputMethod resource for the VendorShell. If the XmNinputMethod is NULL, an input method is opened using the current locale. If it cannot open an input method, the function returns NULL.

Specifies the ID of a widget registered with the input manager

Returns the input method for the current locale associated with the specified widget's input manager; otherwise, returns NULL. The application is responsible for freeing the returned XIM by calling XmImCloseXIM.

XmImCloseXIM(3), XmImGetXIM(3), XmImMbLookupString(3), and XmImRegister(3).