XmImGetXIC(library call) XmImGetXIC(library call)

XmImGetXIC — An input manager function that obtains an XIC for a widget

#include <Xm/XmIm.h>
Widget widget,
XmInputPolicy input_policy,
ArgList args,
Cardinal num_args);

XmImGetXIC creates and registers an X Input Context (XIC) with the specified arguments for widget. If XmINHERIT_POLICY is specified for input_policy, a new XIC will be created only if required to by the arguments or by the VendorShell input policy. Any existing XIC registered with widget is unregistered.

Refer to the VendorShell reference page for further details.

Specifies the ID of a widget for which an Input Context is to be created.
Specifies the type of input policy. It accepts the following values:
Inherits the policy from VendorShell.
Creates a new XIC for this widget.
Creates a new XIC for the shell, if needed.
Specifies an XtArgList parameter to use for creating the XIC.
Specifies the number of arguments in the args parameter.

Returns the created XIC. The application is responsible for freeing the returned XIC by calling XmImFreeXIC.

XmImSetXIC(3) and XmImFreeXIC(3).