XmIconBox(3X) XmIconBox(3X)

XmIconBox — The IconBox widget class

#include <Xm/IconBox.h>

The Icon Box widget lays out its children on a grid with each child forced to be the same size and with the location of each child specified as an X and Y location on the grid.

The size of the Icon Box, its children, and the number of cells displayed are calculated as described below. The general idea is that all children are always be shown and should be given their desired size whenever possible. The user may add or delete cells by resizing this window using the window manager widget.

The preferred size is calculated by using the maximum desired child height or width and making sure that these are no smaller than the minimum sizes. This size is multiplied by the number of cells along the axis and properly padded to come up with a preferred size. The number of cells is the maximum of the largest cellX or cellY value and the minimum number of horizontal or vertical cells.

If the Icon box is forced larger than its preferred size more cells are added at the bottom-right of the widget while the children all remain at their preferred sizes.

If the Icon box is forced smaller than its preferred size each cell is forced to be smaller in order to allow all children to fit within the Icon Box. All children will be forced to the same smaller size.

Icon Box inherits behavior, resources, and traits from Core, Composite, Constraint, and XmManager.

The class pointer is xmIconBoxWidgetClass.

The class name is XmIconBox.

The following table defines a set of widget resources used by the programmer to specify data. The programmer can also set the resource values for the inherited classes to set attributes for this widget. To reference a resource by name or by class in a .Xdefaults file, remove the XmN or XmC prefix and use the remaining letters. To specify one of the defined values for a resource in a .Xdefaults file, remove the Xm prefix and use the remaining letters (in either lowercase or uppercase, but include any underscores between words). The codes in the access column indicate if the given resource can be set at creation time (C), set by using XtSetValues (S), retrieved by using XtGetValues (G), or is not applicable (N/A).

XmIconBox Resource Set
Name Class Type Default Access

XmNhorizontalMargin XmCMargin Dimension 4 CSG

XmNminimumHorizontalCells XmCDefaultCells int 8 CSG

XmNminimumVerticalCells XmCDefaultCells int 4 CSG

XmNminimumCellHeight XmCMinimumCellSize Dimension 10 CSG

XmNminimumCellWidth XmCMinimumCellSize Dimension 20 CSG

XmNverticalMargin XmCMargin Dimension 4 CSG

The amount of space between each cell and its neighbor or the edge of the Icon Box.
The minimum number of cells to display in the horizontal and vertical directions. This number of cells will always be displayed.
The smallest size the cells are allowed to be in the direction specified.

XmIconBox Constraint Resource Set
Name Class Type Default Access

XmNcellX XmCCellX Short XmIconBoxAnyCell CSG

XmNcellY XmCCellY Short XmIconBoxAnyCell CSG

The location of this cell in cell space. These coordinates may be any positive integer. They determine where this widget will be placed relative to its neighbors. Having two children at the same cell X and cell Y location will result in undefined behavior. To place a cell at any empty cell, set cell X and cell Y to the value XmIconBoxAnyCell.

Icon Box inherits behavior and resources from the superclasses described in the following tables. For a complete description of each resource, refer to the reference page for that superclass.

XmManager Resource Set
Name Class Type Default Access

XmNbottomShadowColor XmCBottomShadowColor Pixel dynamic CSG

XmNbottomShadowPixmap XmCBottomShadowPixmap Pixmap XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP CSG

XmNforeground XmCForeground Pixel dynamic CSG

XmNhelpCallback XmCCallback XtCallbackList NULL C

XmNhighlightColor XmCHighlightColor Pixel dynamic CSG

XmNhighlightPixmap XmCHighlightPixmap Pixmap dynamic CSG

XmNinitialFocus XmCInitialFocus Widget dynamic CSG

XmNlayoutDirection XmCLayoutDirection XmDirection dynamic CG

XmNnavigationType XmCNavigationType XmNavigationType XmTAB_GROUP CSG

XmNpopupHandlerCallback XmCCallback XtCallbackList NULL C

XmNshadowThickness XmCShadowThickness Dimension dynamic CSG

XmNstringDirection XmCStringDirection XmStringDirection dynamic CG

XmNtopShadowColor XmCTopShadowColor Pixel dynamic CSG

XmNtopShadowPixmap XmCTopShadowPixmap Pixmap dynamic CSG

XmNtraversalOn XmCTraversalOn Boolean True CSG

XmNunitType XmCUnitType unsigned char dynamic CSG

XmNuserData XmCUserData XtPointer NULL CSG

Composite Resource Set
Name Class Type Default Access

XmNchildren XmCReadOnly WidgetList NULL G

XmNinsertPosition XmCInsertPosition XtOrderProc NULL CSG

XmNnumChildren XmCReadOnly Cardinal 0 G

Core Resource Set
Name Class Type Default Access

XmNaccelerators XmCAccelerators XtAccelerators dynamic N/A

XmNancestorSensitive XmCSensitive Boolean dynamic G

XmNbackground XmCBackground Pixel dynamic CSG

XmNbackgroundPixmap XmCPixmap Pixmap XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP CSG

XmNborderColor XmCBorderColor Pixel XtDefaultForeground CSG

XmNborderPixmap XmCPixmap Pixmap XmUNSPECIFIED_PIXMAP CSG

XmNborderWidth XmCBorderWidth Dimension 0 CSG

XmNcolormap XmCColormap Colormap dynamic CG

XmNdepth XmCDepth int dynamic CG

XmNdestroyCallback XmCCallback XtCallbackList NULL C

XmNheight XmCHeight Dimension dynamic CSG

XmNinitialResourcesPersistent XmCInitialResourcesPersistent Boolean True C

XmNmappedWhenManaged XmCMappedWhenManaged Boolean True CSG

XmNscreen XmCScreen Screen * dynamic CG

XmNsensitive XmCSensitive Boolean True CSG

XmNtranslations XmCTranslations XtTranslations dynamic CSG

XmNwidth XmCWidth Dimension dynamic CSG

XmNx XmCPosition Position 0 CSG

XmNy XmCPosition Position 0 CSG

XmIconBox inherits translations from XmManager.

Composite(3), Constraint(3), Core(3), XmCreateIconBox(3), XmIconBoxIsCellEmpty(3), XmManager(3), XmVaCreateIconBox(3), and XmVaCreateManagedIconBox(3).

Copyright (c) 1992 by Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.