XmDirectionMatchPartial(library call) XmDirectionMatchPartial(library call)

XmDirectionMatchPartial — A function that checks for a specified direction component

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
Boolean XmDirectionMatchPartial (d1, d2, dmask)
        XmDirection     d1;
        XmDirection     d2;
        XmDirection     dmask;

XmDirectionMatchPartial compares d1 and d2 along the direction component specified by dmask. For example, if dmask equals XmVERTICAL_MASK, then the function will compare only the vertical components of d1 and d2.

Specifies an XmDirection value to check.
Specifies an XmDirection value to check.
Specifies the direction component along which d1 and d2 are to be checked. Appropriate values for dmask are XmHORIZONTAL_MASK, XmVERTICAL_MASK, and XmPRECEDENCE_MASK.

Returns True if the d1 and d2 match in the component specified by dmask; otherwise, returns False.

XmDirection(3), XmDirectionMatch(3), XmDirectionToStringDirection(3), XmStringDirection(3), and XmStringDirectionToDirection(3).