XmCvtStringToUnitType(library call) XmCvtStringToUnitType(library call)

XmCvtStringToUnitType — A function that converts a string to a unit-type value

#include <Xm/Xm.h>
void XmCvtStringToUnitType(
XrmValuePtr args,
Cardinal * num_args,
XrmValue * from_val,
XrmValue * to_val);

XmCvtStringToUnitType converts a string to a unit type. Refer to the reference pages for XmGadget, XmManager, or XmPrimitive for a description of the valid unit types. Use of this function as a resource converter is obsolete. It has been replaced by a new resource converter that uses the RepType facility.

Specifies a list of additional XrmValue arguments to the converter if additional context is needed to perform the conversion. For example, the string-to-font converter needs the widget's screen and the string-to-pixel converter needs the widget's screen and color map. This argument is often NULL.
Specifies the number of additional XrmValue arguments. This argument is often zero.
Specifies the value to convert
Specifies the descriptor to use to return the converted value

XmGadget(3), XmManager(3), and XmPrimitive(3).