XmContainerReorder(library call) XmContainerReorder(library call)

XmContainerReorder — Container widget function to reorder children

#include <Xm/Container.h>
void XmContainerReorder(
Widget container,
WidgetList widgets,
int num_widgets);

XmContainerReorder obtains the XmNpositionIndex constraint resources of each widget specified in widgets, sorts them in ascending order, and inserts the XmNpositionIndex constraint resources in the new order into each widget. If the XmNlayoutType resource of Container is XmOUTLINE or XmDETAIL, XmContainerReorder will force a layout of all items.

Specifies the Container widget ID.
Specifies an array of widget children of container.
Specifies the number of items in the widgets array.

For a complete definition of Container and its associated resources, see XmContainer(3).