XmCascadeButtonHighlight(library call) XmCascadeButtonHighlight(library call)

XmCascadeButtonHighlight — A CascadeButton and CascadeButtonGadget function that sets the highlight state

#include <Xm/CascadeB.h>
#include <Xm/CascadeBG.h>
void XmCascadeButtonHighlight(
Widget cascadeButton,
Boolean highlight);

XmCascadeButtonHighlight either draws or erases the shadow highlight around the CascadeButton or the CascadeButtonGadget.

Specifies the CascadeButton or CascadeButtonGadget to be highlighted or unhighlighted
Specifies whether to highlight (True) or to unhighlight (False)

For a complete definition of CascadeButton or CascadeButtonGadget and their associated resources, see XmCascadeButton(3) or XmCascadeButtonGadget(3).

XmCascadeButton(3), XmCascadeButtonGadget(3) and XmCascadeButtonGadgetHighlight(3).