XmCascadeButtonGadgetHighlight(library call) XmCascadeButtonGadgetHighlight(library call)

XmCascadeButtonGadgetHighlight — A CascadeButtonGadget function that sets the highlight state

#include <Xm/CascadeBG.h>
void XmCascadeButtonGadgetHighlight(
Widget cascadeButtonGadget,
Boolean highlight);

XmCascadeButtonGadgetHighlight either draws or erases the shadow highlight around the CascadeButtonGadget.

Specifies the CascadeButtonGadget to be highlighted or unhighlighted
Specifies whether to highlight (True) or to unhighlight (False)

For a complete definition of CascadeButtonGadget and its associated resources, see XmCascadeButtonGadget(3).

XmCascadeButton(3), XmCascadeButtonGadget(3), and XmCascadeButtonHighlight(3).