MrmOpenHierarchyFromBuffer(library call) MrmOpenHierarchyFromBuffer(library call)

MrmOpenHierarchyFromBuffer — Allocates a hierarchy ID and opens a buffer containing a memory image of a UID file

#include <Mrm/MrmPublic.h>

Cardinal MrmOpenHierarchyFromBuffer(
unsigned char uid_buffer,
MrmHierarchy *hierarchy_id);

MrmOpenHierarchyFromBuffer allows you to specify a buffer containing information from UID files that MRM searches in subsequent fetch operations. This function also allocates a hierarchy ID and initializes the optimized search lists in the hierarchy.

Specifies a stream of bytes containing information from UID files
Returns the search hierarchy ID. The search hierarchy ID identifies the buffer that MRM searches when performing subsequent fetch calls.

This function returns one of the following status return constants:

The function executed successfully.
The function failed.

MrmCloseHierarchy(3) and MrmOpenHierarchyPerDisplay(3).