glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog - retrieve the info log string from a program pipeline object

void glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog(GLuint pipeline, GLsizei bufSize, GLsizei *length, GLchar *infoLog);

Specifies the name of a program pipeline object from which to retrieve the info log.


Specifies the maximum number of characters, including the null terminator, that may be written into infoLog.


Specifies the address of a variable into which will be written the number of characters written into infoLog.


Specifies the address of an array of characters into which will be written the info log for pipeline.

glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog retrieves the info log for the program pipeline object pipeline. The info log, including its null terminator, is written into the array of characters whose address is given by infoLog. The maximum number of characters that may be written into infoLog is given by bufSize, and the actual number of characters written into infoLog is returned in the integer whose address is given by length. If length is NULL, no length is returned.

The actual length of the info log for the program pipeline may be determined by calling glGetProgramPipeline() with pname set to GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH.

GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if pipeline is not a name previously returned from a call to glGenProgramPipelines() or if such a name has been deleted by a call to glDeleteProgramPipelines().

glGetProgramPipeline() with parameter GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH.

OpenGL Version
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glGenProgramPipelines(), glBindProgramPipeline(), glDeleteProgramPipelines(), glGetProgramPipeline()

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