obspectrophore(1) General Commands Manual (urm) obspectrophore(1)

obspectrophoreSPECTROPHORE calculator

obspectrophore [options] -i input_file

obspectrophore [-u | -h]

obspectrophore can be used to generate Spectrophores, which are one-dimensional descriptors generated from the property fields surrounding the molecules. This technology allows the accurate description of molecules in terms of their surface properties or fields. Comparison of molecules property fields provides a robust structure-independent method of aligning actives from different chemical classes. When applied to molecules such as ligands and drugs, Spectrophores can be used as powerful molecular descriptors in the fields of chemoinformatics, virtual screening, and QSAR modeling.

Specifies the molecular input file from which Spectrophores are to be calculated. The filetype is automatically detected from the file extension.
Specifies the kind of normalization that should be performed. Valid values are (without quotes): No (default), ZeroMean, UnitStd and ZeroMeanAndUnitStd.
Specifies the required accuracy expressed as the angular stepsize. Only the following discrete values are allowed: 1 | 2 | 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 (default) | 30 | 36 | 45 | 60
Specifies the kind of cages that should be used in terms of the underlying pointgroup: P1 or P-1. Valid values are (without quotes): No (default), Unique, Mirror and All.
Specifies the required resolution expressed as a real positive number. The default value is 3.0 Angstrom. Negative values or a value equal to 0 generate an error message.
Display implementation details.
Display help message.


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