StdLabels(3) OCaml library StdLabels(3)

StdLabels - Standard labeled libraries.

Module StdLabels

Module StdLabels
: sig end

Standard labeled libraries.

This meta-module provides versions of the StdLabels.Array , StdLabels.Bytes , StdLabels.List and StdLabels.String modules where function arguments are systematically labeled. It is intended to be opened at the top of source files, as shown below.

     open StdLabels
     let to_upper = ~f:Char.uppercase_ascii
     let seq len = List.init ~f:(fun i -> i) ~len
     let everything = Array.create_matrix ~dimx:42 ~dimy:42 42

module Array : (module ArrayLabels)

module Bytes : (module BytesLabels)

module List : (module ListLabels)

module String : (module StringLabels)

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