Runtime_events.Type(3) OCaml library Runtime_events.Type(3)

Runtime_events.Type - no description

Module Runtime_events.Type

Module Type
: sig end

type 'a t

The type for a user event content type

val unit : unit t

An event that has no data associated with it

type span =
| Begin
| End

val span : span t

An event that has a beginning and an end

val int : int t

An event containing an integer value

val register : encode:(bytes -> 'a -> int) -> decode:(bytes -> int -> 'a) -> 'a t

Registers a custom type by providing an encoder and a decoder. The encoder writes the value in the provided buffer and returns the number of bytes written. The decoder gets a slice of the buffer of specified length, and returns the decoded value.

The maximum value length is 1024 bytes.

2024-02-29 OCamldoc