MoreLabels.Hashtbl.SeededHashedType(3) OCaml library MoreLabels.Hashtbl.SeededHashedType(3)

MoreLabels.Hashtbl.SeededHashedType - The input signature of the functor MoreLabels.Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.

Module type MoreLabels.Hashtbl.SeededHashedType

Module type SeededHashedType
= sig end

The input signature of the functor MoreLabels.Hashtbl.MakeSeeded .

Since 4.00

type t

The type of the hashtable keys.

val equal : t -> t -> bool

The equality predicate used to compare keys.

val seeded_hash : int -> t -> int

A seeded hashing function on keys. The first argument is the seed. It must be the case that if equal x y is true, then seeded_hash seed x = seeded_hash seed y for any value of seed . A suitable choice for seeded_hash is the function MoreLabels.Hashtbl.seeded_hash below.

2024-05-31 OCamldoc