libnutclient_general, nutclient_destroy, strarr_alloc, strarr_free - General and utility functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library

#include <nutclient.h>
typedef void* NUTCLIENT_t;
void nutclient_destroy(NUTCLIENT_t client);
typedef char** strarr;
strarr strarr_alloc(unsigned short count);
void strarr_free(strarr arr);

The nutclient_destroy() function destroys a NUTCLIENT_t or derived (like NUTCLIENT_TCP_t) connection object, and frees allocated memory.

The strarr type represents an array of C strings (array of char pointer). The array must always be terminated by a NULL pointer. Pointed strings must be allocated by (x)calloc or (x)strdup.

The strarr_alloc() function allocates a strarr array with the specified number of (non-initialized) string pointers. Another additional pointer set to 0 is added at the end of the array.

The strarr_free function frees a strarr array. It also frees all pointed strings.

dev is the device name.


05/20/2024 Network UPS Tools 2.8.2