apcupsd-ups - Driver for apcupsd client access

apcupsd-ups -h

apcupsd-ups -a UPS_NAME [OPTIONS]


This man page only documents the specific features of the apcupsd-ups driver. For information about the core driver, see nutupsdrv(8).

This driver is a client to apcupsd (another UPS monitoring project).

apcupsd-ups acts as an apcupsd client, simply forwarding data. This can be useful in cases where both protocols are required in a network, or in case apcupsd has a required UPS access mode missing from NUT.

This driver supports the following optional settings in nut.conf(5):


This is the name of a remote host running apcupsd (plus an optional port).

For instance:

            driver = apcupsd-ups
            port = localhost
            desc = "apcupsd client"

This driver was originally written in one evening to allow interoperating with apcupsd.

The following variables are translated from apcupsd to NUT. All times should be converted to seconds (please file a bug if you notice a mismatch in units).

apcupsd variable NUT variable(s)
BCHARGE battery.charge
MBATTCHG battery.charge.low
RETPCT battery.charge.restart
BATTDATE battery.date
TIMELEFT battery.runtime
MINTIMEL battery.runtime.low
BATTV battery.voltage
NOMBATTV battery.voltage.nominal
LINEFREQ input.frequency
SENSE input.sensitivity
HITRANS input.transfer.high
LOTRANS input.transfer.low
LASTXFER input.transfer.reason
LINEV input.voltage
MAXLINEV input.voltage.maximum
MINLINEV input.voltage.minimum
NOMINV input.voltage.nominal
LINEFREQ output.frequency
OUTPUTV output.voltage
NOMOUTV output.voltage.nominal
DATE ups.date, ups.time
DSHUTD ups.delay.shutdown
DWAKE ups.delay.start
FIRMWARE ups.firmware, ups.firmware.aux
UPSNAME ups.id
LOADPCT ups.load
MANDATE ups.mfr.date
NOMPOWER ups.realpower.nominal
SERIALNO ups.serial
STATUS ups.status
ITEMP ups.temperature
STESTI ups.test.interval
SELFTEST ups.test.result

Access to apcupsd is strictly read only: no commands can be issued. This stems from the design of apcupsd, where the settings are changed in apctest. In order to run apctest, apcupsd must be stopped (and it is apcupsd exposes the UPS to the network and to this NUT driver as its client).

Andreas Steinmetz

ups.conf(5), nutupsdrv(8)

•The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: https://www.networkupstools.org/
•The apcupsd home page: http://www.apcupsd.org/
05/20/2024 Network UPS Tools 2.8.2