notcurses_core(3) notcurses_core(3)

notcurses_core - minimal Notcurses linkage

#include <notcurses/notcurses.h>


struct notcurses* notcurses_core_init(const notcurses_options* opts, FILE* fp);

struct ncdirect* ncdirect_core_init(const char* termtype, FILE* fp, uint64_t flags);

If your binary has no use for the multimedia capabilities of Notcurses, consider linking directly to libnotcurses-core rather than libnotcurses. This ought greatly reduce the dependency burden of Notcurses.

If using libnotcurses-core, notcurses_core_init must be used in the place of notcurses_init, and ncdirect_core_init must be used in the place of ncdirect_init. Failure to do will usually result in an error during linking. At worst, you'll end up with the unnecessary dependencies in your binary after all.

This all ought be handled by the toolchain. It's stupid for users to have to think about this.

If Notcurses was built with USE_MULTIMEDIA=none, libnotcurses will have no multimedia dependencies, and thus this won't save anything. It's still best to explicitly use libnotcurses-core when appropriate, to avoid picking up the dependency chain on systems where it is being used.

The same as notcurses_init and ncdirect_init.

notcurses(3), notcurses_direct(3), notcurses_init(3), utf8(7)

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