nctetris(1) nctetris(1)

nctetris - Render images and video to a terminal

nctetris [-h|--help] [-l loglevel]

nctetris implements Tetris using Notcurses.

The goal is to complete horizontal lines, without allowing tetriminos to reach the top of the screen. The falling tetrimino can be rotated counter- clockwise with the 'z' key, and clockwise with the 'x' key. The tetrimino can be moved left and right with 'h' and 'l', respectively. It can be moved down with 'j'. The arrow keys can also be used. Quit with 'q'.

-h: Show help and exit.

-l loglevel: Log everything (high log level) or nothing (log level 0) to stderr.

Optimal display requires a terminal advertising the rgb terminfo(5) capability, or that the environment variable COLORTERM is defined to 24bit (and that the terminal honors RGB escapes), along with a good fixed-width font with good coverage of the Unicode Block Drawing Characters.


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