nfacct - command line tool to create/retrieve/delete accounting objects

nfacct command [name] [options]

nfacct is the command line tool that allows to manipulate the Netfilter's extended accounting infrastructure.

These commands specify the action that nfacct performs. Only one of them can be specified at any given time.

List the existing accounting object in table.
Restore accounting object table by reading from stdin. Input format is the one used as output by the list command.
Add new accounting object.
Delete accounting object.
Get existing accounting object.
Delete all unused accounting objects.
Displays the version information.
Displays the help message.

That atomically obtains and resets the counters.
That displays the output in XML format. json That displays the output in JSON format.


Please, report them to or file a bug in Netfilter's bugzilla (

Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote and maintains the nfacct tool.

Man page written by Pablo Neira Ayuso <>.

December 30, 2011