Tgatoppm User Manual(0) Tgatoppm User Manual(0)

tgatoppm - convert TrueVision Targa file to a PPM image

tgatoppm [--alphaout={alpha-filename,-}] [--headerdump] tga-filename

This program is part of Netpbm(1)

tgatoppm reads a TrueVision Targa file as input and produces a PPM image as output.

All options can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.

tgatoppm creates a PGM image containing the alpha channel values in the input image. If the input image doesn't contain an alpha channel, the alpha-filename file contains all zero (transparent) alpha values. If you don't specify --alphaout, tgatoppm does not generate an alpha file, and if the input image has an alpha channel, tgatoppm simply discards it.

If you specify - as the filename, tgatoppm writes the alpha output to Standard Output and discards the image.

See pamcomp(1)
for one way to use the alpha output file.

Causes tgatoppm to dump information from the TGA header to Standard Error.

ppmtotga(1) , pamcomp(1) , ppm(5)

Partially based on tga2rast, version 1.0, by Ian J. MacPhedran.

Copyright (C) 1989 by Jef Poskanzer.

02 April 2000 netpbm documentation